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Lo Sublimo

40 min, Digital Video Loop, Color, silent.
Over the course of 40 minutes the static landscape image, framed by both the camera and the window, slowly turns from day to night to day.

During my time at Cortijada Los Gazquez, an “off-grid” artist’s residency in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range near Velez Blanco in Almeria, Spain, I shot a time-lapse video of my view, through a large window, whenever I was working in my studio. The work is designed to be projected onto a window in the urban landscape of my current home, Brooklyn, NY.

Accessible technology and High Definition imagery have the capacity to idealize the landscape by providing us with super saturated images that are easy to produce with “professional” results. This process represents a new sublime for me, frightening in it’s indexical reference but quite romantic in its associations. By projecting the image of my former studio view through a window in Brooklyn, my current home, I am recalling these ideals about unfettered landscape and the vista but also activating the latent desire for and fear of “nature” present in the urban landscape.