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Finding our Place in Space
HD Video, Color, Sound, Excerpt: 2 minutes, Full Length: 11 minutes

In 1975 NASA sent two rovers (Viking I and II) to Mars to survey the planet's surface. During the same year a group of women in the Pacific Northwest formed what became known as the Oregon's Women's Land Trust. Land purchased by the OWL Trust became the site of separatist wimmin's land where women from varied backgrounds developed new modes of self-sufficient, rural, communal living. Finding Our Place in Space complicates these historic, gendered, technophobic and technophiliac narratives by combining documentary notes, text and images from these momentous events.

(2 minute excerpt from an 11 minute video; Creative Commons sourced images: Don Whitaker via Archive.org, Ruth MountainGrove via OSU, other images and sound are Public Domain from NASA.)